Place of Origin Origin of name Outer qualities Ears Face Massive body Unique coat Personality Coat care Diet Healthcare Cats and pregnant women Small children and the Maine Coon "Garden or house cat?"
Maine Coons' sound also differs from other species, they have a very special chirping, quavering sound, which they constantly use while mating, they "talk" just like that, when we pet them or play with them. They really love
playing, especially carrying small items, retrieving stuff. They rarely mew, even when they do, they do it very shyly, in a high
pitched voice, which is surprising, seeing that they're quite large. Even though Maine Coons are human-oriented, that doesn't mean that they're human dependant. They don't bother you constantly with their attention, but they like to go with us, to examine everything we do, and help in their own way. This species isn't a so called "lapcat" but of course there are exceptions. If they need love, they come and cuddle even at dawn. They love to be near,
following you from room to room and they sit behind closed doors, until we go out. Maine Coon can be our partner, friend, buddy, but probably won't be our little baby. These cats grab every opportunity for a little relaxation. Males are the real clowns,
the females tend to like to keep distance, but they're both very playful, and they stay that way for all their lives. They like to chase the prey -game- they easily grab them with their
long paws, they're born hunters, no doubt.
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