About us
The whole thing started as that the family is a great fan of dogs, and we've attended the Europe's Dog Show in 2008 which took place in our small country. Of course, while we were there we thought that we should visit the cat Show as well.
From all of the many cats the Maine-Coon stood out.

That was the time when I had my fateful revelation:
"I NEED a cat like this!"

After about 2 weeks of begging to the man of the house I was in contact with the cat's breeder. Thanks to fortune, or maybe even destiny, he just had a litter. And as we saw Belfegor on the internet he totally stole our heart.

The "last" six weeks which we had to wait, while the cat was with his family passed very slowly.

Since then our lives have changed.
We "have a lot of fun", we try to experience of cats, from cats. Our little team has increased.
We are getting ready for the next show season with renewed force.
I certainly trust, that after you've seen this webpage, you've also "fallen in love" with the cats,
and we'll meet at the next show.

If you have any questions, contact me.

Until then, have fun!
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